2 people either unfollowed me because of the sherlock or the ylvis thing

i just ordered pizza and i am watching the simple life



arent boybands supposed to have that //one ugly member// what the hell happened to one direction 

Did Louis die? My condolences.

Reblog this if you believe in asexuality please

i hate the sherlock fandom it’s literally the worst thing to ever happen and everytime i see them on my dash i feel a piece of me dying

EXACTLY THANK I didn’t mind the tune and stuff but holy shit culture is not a costume

i really wish they’d known better than to do a video and song like this but oh well, even some of your faves can disappoint you sometime

really mad about mr toot, still

apart from being a shit song… it’s just obviously problematic and the video is dumb and ugh i’m just so freakin disappointed that i can’t believe it

don’t treat other people’s cultures like a costume that you can put on and off anytime you like


Moschino, Spring/Summer 2015


when ur running down the stairs with no bra on


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